Ambassador of China, H.E Mrs.. Jiang Yu visited the Autism Center

Ambassador of China, H.E Mrs.. Jiang Yu visited the Autism Center

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, H.E Mrs.. Jiang Yu with an invitation of the Albanian Children Foundation visited on the eve of holidays the Regional Center for Autism in Farka and joined the party organized with the children.

The Chinese Ambassador was introduced with therapeutic facilities, working methods used and current achievements with autistic children by Dr. Liri Berisha- the president of Albanian Children Foundation and scientific director Dr. Ariel Como.. Dr. Liri Berisha expressed deep gratitude to the Chinese Ambassador and highly appreciated the visit and its personal attention to the phenomenon of autism.

“I appreciate your coming in Albania. Your visit here is an appreciation for the center. You accepted our invitation immediately and it is impressive to us because it shows your interest as a woman towards problems of children and their parents. Your representative as the Ambassador of such a big and developed country like China, shows about the importance given to this disorder today. ”

The Ambassador expressed gratitude for the reviving hope to families of children with autism spectrum disorder. “I am very touched by what I see here.This shows that you have worked hard to bring hope to these people who have lost it.. Here I see happy children who are not distinguished from other normal children, and it shows that you are on the right track. ”

H.E Mrs. Ambassador. Jiang Yu, brought some gifts for kids meantime Dr. Liri Berisha between exchanges of gifts gave to the Ambassador as a recognition of a painting made by Sara.