Dr.Liri Berisha,Global Autism Achievement Award.

Dr. Liri Berisha, president of Albanian Children Foundation is awarded by the International organization “Autism Speaks” in New York with the Second Annual Bob and Suzanne Wright Global Autism Achievement Award.

Dr. Liri Berisha, president of Albania Children Foundation is awarded by the International organization “Autism Speaks” in New York with the Second Annual Bob and Suzanne Wright Global Autism Achievement Award.This award that was presented to Ms. Berisha during the Seventh Annual World Focus on Autism meeting that is taking place alongside the United

Nation General Assembly meeting in New York City comes as a recognition of:

– Dr. Liri Berisha remarkable leadership in autism community, for raising public and professional awareness of autism in Albania;

– establishing a state-of-the-art clinicalcenter for services, training and research in Tirana;

– supporting the launch of Southeast European Autism Network of ministries of health from regional countries;

– participating in UN and World Health Organization technical consultations as well.

This award was personally presented to Dr. Liri Berisha by the cofounders

of the international organization “Autism Speaks”, Bob and Suzanne Wright, in the presence of many first spouses from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, who have been inspired by Dr. Liri Berisha leadership and commitment.

Ms. Wright said: “Dr.Liri Berisha is a unique combination of a visionary and a fighter. I knew, from he first moment we met at the Shafallah Forum in Qatar way back in 2008 that she would change the world. She has changed the future for people with autism in Albania and now she is working on the entire region. Ladies and gentlemen please join me and giving a warm applause to my girlfriend Liri.”

Dr. Liri Berisha, being very honored by this award, said:

“Dear Suzanne and Bob, this those who are challenged by autism in the world. As a mother, pediatrician and the president of the Albanian Children Foundation, I cannot think of a better recognition for the hard work and achievements we have made over the past years, improving the lives of all those affected by autism in Albania.”

The international organization “Autism Speaks” during the Seventh Annual World Focus on Autism meeting in New York, stressed the rapid increasing of children with autism in the world and the increasing needs of this community. Data suggests that autism affects approximately 1% of the global population. One of the essential issues for discussion were the opportunities of turning innovation into real actions, an effort led by Autism Speaks to address the universal challenge of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through awareness-raising and service improvement.


The American National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine and the American Institute of Medicine in partnership with the Open Society Foundation (OSF) and the ISSAP Organization gathered on 4 November 2015 in Prague, experts and heads of international organizations, universities and agencies, for the Forum on Investing in young Children Globally. We ended the 15 years era of Millennium Development Goals and from September 2015 the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals where the development of children and early intervention occupy a specific and important place for the 15 years to come. Prague Forum, with a view to reach out to recommendations on local and regional policies, future studies and new services, was built as a platform for discussion of global actors among the most important in the field. Dr. Liri Berisha President of the Albanian Children Foundation, was invited to the Forum to introduce the model of early intervention on autism in Albania, chosen by organizers as one of the ‘best practices’ in the region. In her speech Dr. Liri Berisha, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for this invitation, said: “I think our history is generally a success story. Above all we have revived hope in a poor country with many problems where, despite progress, the burden on households remains high “. In his speech, Dr. Ariel Çomo Scientific and Research director of the Regional Center for Autism mentioned, inter alia, the importance from the beginning given to the research and data collection on implementation of the program in Tirana as a key element in the progress of early intervention programs in children with developmental problems.

At the conclusion of the Forum, the  Final Report compiled on the basis of referred data and discussions will be sent to the American Government to develop further policies and initiatives in the field of developmental problems.