Albanian Children Foundation becomes member of Autism European Organization.

Children Foundation participated The General Assembly of the leader organization in Europe for Autism “Autism Europe”, which was held on May 1- 3, 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

In this Assembly, Albanian Children Foundation represented by Dr. Liri Berisha, received the highest praises by members of the Organization for the work done so far in these seven years in terms of supporting children with autism spectrum disorder. Appreciating the leader role in Europe of this organization in terms of lobbying and supporting the autism issue, Dr. Liri Berisha presented the activities of the Foundation and the Regional Centers for Autism established in Albania, conveying the gratitude and appreciation for the international organizations that have supported so far the Albanian Children Foundation.

During her speech, Dr. Liri Berisha emphasized the reasons why the Albanian Children Foundation must be a member of the great European family “Autism Europe” promising closer cooperation in the future with its member organizations in order to exchange best practices on autism issue. Ms. Zsuzsanna Szilvasy, President of Autism Europe praised the achievements of Albanian Children Foundation, progress which she said has personally followed since the establishment of the Foundation till now. She said: “What the Albanian Children Foundation has done is a short time, in terms of supporting children with autism in Albania and the region is a revolution compared to other European countries that have dozens of years of experience in dealing with this challenge of millennium, the battle against Autism”.

“Autism Europe” organization is the leading organization for Europe’s largest autism issues. It consists of 80 organizations and associations from 30 different European countries and has a strong influence in lobbying on the issue of the rights of persons with autism. The organization has a 40 year experience and is composed from the level of decision-taking to that of membership, by persons with autism spectrum disorder, parents of children with autism, doctors, clinicians, psychologists, psycho- sociologist therapists etc. that besides that produce services for people with autism spectrum disorder, are dedicated and mediate to their governments for better policies and more stable in terms of autism issue.