International Autism Congress in Kuwait honors Dr.Liri Berisha with the Gartitude Award.

The 4th International Autism Congress was held in Kuwait, an international event that takes place every four years with the participation of all countries around the world. In this Congress, Albania was represented by Dr. Liri Berisha, President of Albanian Children Foundation, as the guest of honor and as an activist on autism efforts.

In this congress, with World Autism Organization and Kuwait Center for Autism as the main supporters, representatives of various organizations working in the field of autism, doctors, clinicians, researchers and prominent authors on autism methods participated. At the opening ceremony of the congress, the invited dignitaries were received by the Secretary of the State of Kuwait, sister of the H.H Emir of Kuwait and representatives of Kuwaiti Centre

for Autism.An important moment in the opening ceremony was honoring Dr. Liri Berisha with the Gratitude award as a prominent activist on autism, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Kuwait Center for Autism.

This center in Kuwait, as Dr. Berisha stressed in her speech, has served as a working model for establishing the Regional Center for Autism in Farka, which opened in November 2011 and was built thanks to the support of a verygenerous grant of Euro 250,000 by the Kuwait Public Foundation “Awqaf” .This award was an appraise of the Albanian Children Foundation’s efforts in development and empowerment mission of children with autism in Albania.

This award was given to several other world dignitaries who have provided valuable Congress

assistance in this field.

Dr. Ariel Como, Scientific Director of the Regional Center for Autism in Farka, participant in this congress and Dr. Liri Berisha had a working lunch with Mr. James Partington, the developer of ABLLS method – a method widely used around the world even in Albanian for children with autism. During the meeting with Mr. James Partington experiences were exchanged and discussed possibilities of providing a training package for our therapists in order to use this very useful method in the treatment of children with autism.

The innovations brought by the best authors of the methods used today in the world for autism therapies, were the most important part of discussions at this congress. During these three days very valuable experiences were exchanged and developed a series of meetings between representatives of organizations dealing with autism and children with disabilities, from Spain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kosovo and other personalities of this field.